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A beautiful uddered Destry!

Eastside Destry Polly  Holstein Canada
5th at The Supreme Dairy Show
Lots of potential for the future
Incredible mammary system!
Another Great Brady!!

Eastside Double Caramel  Holstein Canada
1st Sr calf & Jr Champ. PEI Premier Heifer Show
Jr Champ. PEI Provincial Show
Res. Champion ADCS
Hon. Mention Supreme
Owned with Weeksdale, Shane Nodolf, Micheal Mcconnell
The kind we sell!

Lewisdale Eastside Atw Amaze  Holstein Canada
All Canadian Milking Yearling 2015
1st Milking Yearling RAWF 2015
Same family as Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX 95 2E 14*
Congrats to her owners: JM Valley & Diamond Hill
Junior yearling by Brady, the kind we like!!

Expo Brady Sayoko  Holstein Canada
Born on march 13th
Dam: Expo Denzel VG-85
Sire: Butz-Butler Atwood Brady
3rd junior yearling RAWF 2014
3rd junior yearling Supreme 2014
6th junior yearling WDE 2014
Reserve junior champion/ 1st junior yearling Atlantic Spring Show 2014
owned with Dymentholm
The only Red member in the Missy's family

Roycham Ric Red Florence  Holstein Canada
Born on december 22nd
2nd dam: Lewisdale Eastside Gold Amaze VG-87 4* (Full sister to Missy)
4th intermediate calf Supreme 2014
7th intermediaire calf RAWF 2014
Owned with Bernadale Holsteins
Sister to the 2nd Senior yearling WDE 2014

Eastside Braxton Carmen VG-87 3 yr  Holstein Canada
1st Junior 3 yr old Atlantic Championship 2014
Born on August 9th 2011
Sire: Regancrest S Braxton
Dam: Nordale Goldwyn Carmen VG-88
Intermediate Champion Atlantic Championship 2010
1st Junior 3 yr old Atlantic Championship 2010
2nd Junior 3 yr old EIHQ 2010
Her sister: Eastside Brady Caramel
Junior Champion of the Junior Show at WDE 2014
2nd Senior yearling WDE 2014
In the famous Apple family !!

Ri-Val-Re GP Apple-P-Red-ET  Holstein Canada
Born 25th Octobre 2013
A Golden PP (Colt-P x Goldwyn) daughter out of MS Brandys Blush (Bookem) x MS Apple Brandy VG-88 x KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96 3E DOM 6*
Apple's success:
2013 HI Red Impact Cow of the Year
Res Grand Champion, R&W WDE Show 2013
Grand Champion, R&W Show WDE 2011
All-American R&W Aged Cow 2011
HI World Champion R&W Cow 2010
Unanimous All-American Jr 2-Yr-Old 2006
All-American R&W Jr 2-Yr-Old 2006
HHM All-American Jr 3-Yr-Old 2007
Nom All-American R&W 5-Yr-Old 2009
Res Grand Champ, Royal Winter R&W 2009
$1,000,000 Sale Topper Global Glamour 2008

Sanchez Junior 3 for 2014

Eastside Sanchez Hollister VG-87   Holstein Canada
2nd Junior 3 Atlantic Summer Classic 2014
Dams: Duplex EX-93, Gibson EX-93 1*, Titanium VG-88, Rudolph VG-87 1*,Broker VG-87, EX, VG-87
An amazing Junior 2 Year by Atwood !

Eastside Atwood Glee VG-87 2 yr old   Holstein Canada
1st bred and owned and Summer Yearling RAWF 2013
1st bred and owned and 2nd summer yearling at WDE 2013
2nd Summer Yearling at Atlantic Spring Show 2013
2nd summer yearling 4-H TD Classic 2013 and Honorable mention with Kyle Vanderkloet
Sold for 10 000$ in the Celebration
Sanchez Senior 3 for 2014

Eastside Sanchez Ebony VG-88   Holstein Canada
2e Senior 3 year old ADCS 2014
3e 3 ans Senior Atlantic Summer Classic 2014
Dam: Comco Gibson Édith VG-87
GDam: A&B Farm Encore Prelude EX-93 1* USA,
An exceptionnal Goldwyn 5 years old

Morsan Golden Booboo EX-92  Holstein Canada
Dam: Crasdale Astronomical Booboo VG 89 2*
2nd Dam EX 90, 3rd Dam VG 88 2*
Embryos X Windbrook Available
Sold for 7000$ in the Celebration
Reserve Intermediate Champion Atlantic Spring Show

Eastside Jasper Oneill VG-89  Holstein Canada
1st Junior 3 and Reserve Intermediate Champion Atlantic Spring Showcase 2014
Sold for 8000$ in the Celebration Sale to Lewisdale Holsteins
Amazing Junior 3yr old by Destry !!

Eastside Destry Chanel VG-88 2 YR   Holstein Canada
Bought at the Island Heat Wave Summer Sale 2013
Intermediate Champion and 1st Junior 2 yr old at the Atlantic Summer Classic 2013
4th Junior 2 RAWF
Sold for 30 000$ to Golden-Oaks through the Celebration Sale

Farnear TBR Gold Beauti VG 89  Holstein Canada
Dam: Regancrest Mac Britelite EX
Grand Dam: BARBIE EX 92 DOM GMD 3*
Sold for 13 000$ in the celebration Sale to Sunspark Farms
Looking for genomics ??

Gillette Epic Jingle VG 87  Holstein Canada
Born May 20 2012
GPA DVG +3130 GPA LPI +2992
Dam: Gillette Shottle Jewell VG 86
Jewell is a maternal sister to "Jordan".
Next Dam: Gillette Durham Jericho EX 15*.
5 Generation EX or VG
Honor List Leader with over 50,000 lbs of Milk and over 2,000 lbs of fat in 305 days at 4 Years. Has 1 Super and 3 Superior Lactations.
Owned with Lewisdale
Honorable Mention at Atlantic Dairy Championship

Eastside Brady Caramel  Holstein Canada
1st Senior Calf and Honorable Mention at ADCS 2013
4th senior calf at EIHQ 2013
11th senior calf at RAWF 2013
A great EX-94 mature cow

Eastside Spirte Lady EX-94 2E  Holstein Canada
Sire: Cederwal Spirte
Dam: Eastside Leduc Lady VG-85
Gdam: Eastside Tab Lady EX 5*
1st 5 yr old Atlantic Spring Show 2013
1st 5 yr old Atlantic Summer Show 2013
3rd Mature cow Atlantic Spring Show 2014
Atwood Junior 3

Tolamika Atwood Jewel EX-90  Holstein Canada
1st Junior 3 yr old Atlantic Summer Show 2013
Dams: VG-85, EX, VG-88, VG-85 2*, VG-87 2*, EX 3*
Red Carrier and Polled Genes

MS Chassity Colt Caser VG-85 2 yr  Holstein Canada
+ 2077 GPA LPI
Full Sister to Colt45
Dam: Famous Chassity, one of the hottest cow in the breed.
Purchased for $25,000 Holstein Convention 2012
Owned by 21 Century Genetics

Lewisdale Shottle Amaze VG 87 2YR  Holstein Canada
2nd ADCS 2011
She topped the Opportunity East-Valleyville Edition Sale at $18,000
Embryos X Willpower & Liquid Gold
Selling in the Celebration 2014 LOT 22
High Scoring Duplex

Goldstreak Duplex Luxury VG 88  Holstein Canada
7 Gens EX or VG
Dam: Cobequid Zerox Lana VG 87 3YR
Next Dams: EX 94 3E, VG 86 2*, VG 88, EX 5*, VG 86, VG 86.
3rd 4 year old ADCS 2014
1st 4 year old Atlantic Summer Classic 2014
3rd Summer Yearling Convention Show 2011
Owned with Blair Weeks.
Embryos X Seagull Bay Platinum

Eastside Gold Ocean EX 94 2E  Holstein Canada
2nd Four Year Old Altantic Summer Classic 2011
Famous Dam: Osmond has completed 12 generations who have all produced 60,000kgs of milk.

Quality Atwood Folfoe VG 87 2YR  Holstein Canada
dam: Quality Gibson Ficoe VG88-3Yr
grand dam: QUALITY BC FRANTISCO EX96-3E-15*
- Grand Champion RAWF 2004 & 2005
- All Canadian Aged Cow, 5 yr, 4 yr
Owned with MC Genetica, Brazil

Valleyville Rae Lynn VG 89 2YR  Holstein Canada
2nd Senior 2 Year Old Royal Winter Fair 2012
1st Senior 2 & Reserve Intermediate Champion Ontario Spring Show 2012
#1 Cow in Canada for Type at +18
1st Milking Yearling Autumn Opportunity 2011
She is owned by Quality Holsteins, ON & Ponderosa
She was purchased at Island Heat Wave Sale 2010
Congrats to her owners.
Sanchez Embryos from the same bloodline!
Senior Calf 2012

Eastside Masterpiece One  Holstein Canada
Dam: Eastside Baroque Ophelia VG 85.
3rd Atlantic Summer Show
2nd Atlantic Spring Showcase
7 Gens EX or VG
*Only Family to Complete 12 Generations of 60,000kgs of Milk*
Summer Yearling 2012

Eastside Atwood Trump VG-89 3 YR  Holstein Canada
Dam: Eastside Truimphant Taffy EX 91 2E
Same Family as Eastside S Twain EX 96 Ireland UK
Watch for her at the Royal 2012!
Senior 3 Year Old for 2013!

Pierstein Roy Lainy VG 88   Holstein Canada
2nd Sr 3 yr old Atlantic Summer Show 2013
Dam: Idee Leduc Lainey
2nd Dam: Ravenswell Lydia
5 yr old 2016

Eastside Mil Remix VG-89 3 yr  Holstein Canada
2nd 5 yr old & HM Champ. Atlantic Spring Show 2016
1st Atlantic Fall Championship Show
1st Atlantic Summer Classic
1st PEI Premier Heifer Show
Sired X Missy's Full Brother
4 Gens VG or EX
Dam: Brookvilla Royal Goldwyn VG 88
Owned with T & L Cattle
Another Show Calf from the Missy Family

Cobequid Sid Affection VG-87  Holstein Canada
2nd Atlantic Summer Classic 2012
Reserve Junior Champion ADCS 2012
Owned with Cobequid & RM
Tremendous 5 year old

Eastside Gold Offering EX-93   Holstein Canada
HM Intermediate Champion 2012 Autumn Opportunity 2012
HM All Canadian Junior 2
3rd Royal 2011
1st Junior 2 Yr Old Ontario Summer Show 2011
2nd 5 year old Ontario Summer Show 2014
Owned by Maple Keys Holsteins

Eastside Duplex Holly EX-93 2E  Holstein Canada
2nd 4 year old Attantic Summer Show 2013
2nd Senior 3 ADCS 2012
3rd Intermediate Calf Atlantic Summer Show 2009
4th Intermediate Calf Atlantic Dairy Championship Show 2009

Dymentholm Sunview Santana VG-85  Holstein Canada
GLPI +2961 GTPI +2178 DVG +2959
September 2011 X Des Y Gen Planet Silk VG 87 X
Bolton Silence VG 85 X Secret VG 87 4*.
Owned with Phil Hempil, James MacPherson

Regwall Damion Lynn EX  Holstein Canada
1st Senior 3 year Old Fall Show 2011
She has an Atwood Dtr @ the farm (March 2011)
Summer Yearling 2012

Morsan Miss Snow Angel VG-86 2YR old  Holstein Canada
Snowman X Missy EX 95 Supreme Champion RWF & WDE 2011
Owned with Lewisdale & Valleyville Holsteins
Selling in the Celebration 2014 LOT 11
Ready to flush

Eastside Damion Lade EX 92 2E  Holstein Canada
2nd 5 Yr Old Atlantic Summer Show 2013
1st Jr 3 Atlantic Fall Show 2011
2nd Jr 3 Atlantic Summer Show 2011
1st 5 YR OLD at Atlantic Sping Showcase 2012

Eastside Fortune Oriole EX-93 2E   Holstein Canada
Hon. Mention Champion & 1st 5 YR at ASS 2012
Her Goldwyn dtr was HM All Canadian 2011 JR 2 2011
Dam: Famous Osmond EX 2E 7*
Embryos X St. Jacobs Alexander Heath

Eastriver Gold Deb 851 VG 87 2YR  Holstein Canada
FUll SISTER WAS All Canadian Reserve Milking Yearling 2011
Dam: Homestead Astronomical Deb EX 95 2E.
Next Dams: VG 85, VG 87 2*
Embryos X Alexander Heath & Bradnick & Stanley Cup
Senior 2 YR OLD for 2012

Gillette Miss PEI  Holstein Canada
Sire: Sanchez
dam: Gillette Goldwyn Miss Universe VG86-2YR
dams maternal sister Gillette Miss Damion - All Canadian Sr yearling 2009
owned with Diamond Hills Farms, Cobequid, T & L Cattle
All Canadian & American 5 Year Old

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX 95 2E 14*  Holstein Canada
Cow of the year Holstein Canada 2012
Grand and Supreme Champion World Dairy Expo 2011 & Royal Agriculture Fair
1st Junior 3 Yr-Old & Res. Intermediate Champion World Dairy Expo 2009
1st Junior 2 Yr-Old World Dairy Expo 2008
Her only Sanchez Dtr @ Eastside and a Damion (both March 2010)
1st Junior 2 Yr-Old Royal 2008
Owned by Gert Andreasen of Denmark, Mark Butz and Morsan
Nominated All Canadian Senior Yearling 2011

Lewisdale Eastside Amazement VG 86  Holstein Canada
2nd fall heifer at World Dairy Expo 2010
Reserve Junior Champion PEI premier Heifer Show 2010
She was nominated All American Senior calf in 2010 ans All-Canadian senior yearling in 2011.
Now owned by Ferme Karona

Pascobac Star Lucita EX-93 2E   Holstein Canada
Dam: Pascobac Stormatic Lucinda VG 88 5YR
Nxt Dam: VG 88, VG 86
3rd ASS 2012
Reserve Grand Atlantic Spring Showcase

Eastside Kite Tristin EX-94 4E  Holstein Canada
1st Mature Cow Atlantic Summer Show 2012
Reserve Grand Champion Atlantic Spring Showcase 2012
1st 5 year OLD Holstein Convention Halifax 2011
Her dam: VG 87 Derry
Dam is a sister to Eastside S Twain EX96- Ireland
-next 3 dams:EX90-3E 6*Astre then VG-87 2* "Conquest", EX 4E 1*, VG 87

Pierstein Goldwyn Odyssey EX-93 3E  Holstein Canada
2nd Five year old & Reserve Grand Champion Atlantic Summer Classic 2011
1st 4 year old Atlantic Spring Show 2010
her daughter: Eastside Jasper Olexis - HM All Cdn 2010
Hot Junior 2 Year Old

Eastside Stella Artois VG 86 2YR  Holstein Canada
2nd Junior 2 at Three- Rivers
Nominated All Canadian 4-H Junior Yearling 2011
3rd Junior Yearling @ Canadian Holstein Convention 2011
3rd ADCS 2011
Full Sister at Farm, Due Fall 2012. Embryos X Sid
Owned by Jacobs Ferme
Intermediate Champion ASC '11

Lewisdale Goldwyn Loree VG-89   Holstein Canada
1st Senior 2 Year Old & Intermediate Champion Atlantic Summer Classic 2011
Dams: Idee RT Loree VG, VG-88, Ravenswell Lydia EX-92 19*
Owned with Lewisdale
Reserve All Canadian Junior 2 2011

Eastside Talent Cam VG 87 2YR  Holstein Canada
2nd Royal 2011

Lewisdale Eastside Gold Acura VG 86 2YR  Holstein Canada
Embryos available X Braxton
Owned by Bernardale, Birkentree, Nordale

Budjon-JK Goldwyn Enika VG 87 2YR  Holstein Canada
1st Intermediate Yearling National Holstein Convention, Halifax 2011
5 Generations of Excellent
Her grand-dam is the famous Krull Broker Elegance

Branderlea Gold Kola EX-92  Holstein Canada
4th Five Year Old Atlantic Summer Classic 2011
5th Five Year OLD Holstein Convention 2011
dams: EX 4E, TB 4*, EX 2E 2*, TB 2*

Nordale Goldwyn Carmen VG-88  Holstein Canada
1st Jr. 3 year old & Reserve Intermediate Champ ADCS 2010
2nd Jr 3 year old & Best Udder Quebec International 2010

Eastside Gibson Hope EX-93 4E 1*  Holstein Canada
3-08 10 243 kg 4,3% 3,3% (206-243-213)
2nd Aged Cow Atlantic Summer Show 2010 and 2012
Dams : VG-88, VG-87, VG-87, EX, VG-87

Eastside SS Lindsy VG89- CAN EX94-USA  Holstein Canada
1st 5 yr Wisconsin State Championship 2010
Nom. All American and All Canadian Sr 3 yr 2008
5th Sr 3 yr International Holstein Show 2008

Sire: Pursuit September Storm-ET
Dam: Eastside J Lopez VG 85 CAN
Reserve Grand Champion Atlantic Spring Show & Res. Int. Champ Expo Printemps 2010

Eastside Lheros Lady EX 91  Holstein Canada
1st Sr. 3 year old & Reserve Grand Champion Atlantic Spring Show 2010
2 Sr. 3 year old & Reserve Intermediate Champion Expo Printemps 2010
1st sr 3 year old & Reserve Grand Atlantic Summer 2010
3rd sr 3 year old Quebec Summer Show 2010
4th Sr 3 year old World Dairy Expo 2010
2nd Sr 3, Reserve Int. Champion & Hon. Mention Grand Champion Quebec International 2010
6th Sr. 3 year old RAWF 2010
now owned by: Gen-Com Holsteins, Quebec

Brackleyfarm Goldwyn Stella EX-91 3*  Holstein Canada
All-Atlantic Junior 2-Yr-Old 2008
1st Jr 2 Yr-Old & Intermediate Champ. Atlantic Spring Show 2008
2nd Jr 2 Yr-Old QC Spring Show 2008
1st Jr 2 Yr-Old & Res. Intermediate Champ. Atlantic Summer Show 2008
1st 4 year old World Dairy Expo 2010
1st 4 year old Harrisburg - All American Dairy Show 2010
Daughters x Shottle & Sanchez
Dams : EX-91, VG-88, GP, VG-88 2*, VG

Owned by: Gene Iager, Maryland
Eastside Holsteins
Bloyce, Terri, Taylor, Alyson & Jenell Thompson
Charlottetown, PEI, Canada
Tel.: 902-892-2621  •
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