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Excellent Cows

Sunney Valley Durham EX 95 Electra Dundee Daughter

Dupasquier Maple Lawn Elegance EX 91  Holstein Canada
Dam: Sunny Valley Durham Electra EX 95 5YR USA
Reserve Grand WDE 2004
Elegance was a VG 87 2YR OLD

Pascobac Star Lucita EX-93 2E   Holstein Canada
Dam: Pascobac Stormatic Lucinda VG 88 5YR
Nxt Dam: VG 88, VG 86
3rd ASS 2012

Pierstein Goldwyn Odyssey EX-93 3E  Holstein Canada
2nd Five year old & Reserve Grand Champion Atlantic Summer Classic 2011
1st 4 year old Atlantic Spring Show 2010
her daughter: Eastside Jasper Olexis - HM All Cdn 2010
Mature Cow for 2012

Eastside Kite Tristin EX-94 4E  Holstein Canada
1st Mature Cow Atlantic Summer Show 2012
Reserve Grand Champion Atlantic Spring Showcase 2012
1st 5 year OLD Holstein Convention Halifax 2011
Her dam: VG 87 Derry
Dam is a sister to Eastside S Twain EX96- Ireland
-next 3 dams:EX90-3E 6*Astre then VG-87 2* "Conquest", EX 4E 1*, VG 87

Knonaudale Evike EX 92   Holstein Canada
All-Atlantic Sr 2 Yr-Old 2007
1st Sr 2 Yr-Old Atlantic Championship Show 2007
2nd Sr 2 Yr-Old Atlantic Summer Classic 2007
3-10 10 895 kg 3.6% 3.1% (234-227-221)

Eastside SS Lindsy VG89- CAN EX94-USA  Holstein Canada
1st 5 yr Wisconsin State Championship 2010
Nom. All American and All Canadian Sr 3 yr 2008
5th Sr 3 yr International Holstein Show 2008

Sire: Pursuit September Storm-ET
Dam: Eastside J Lopez VG 85 CAN

Lewisdale Astro Paulina EX-91  Holstein Canada
Daughter x Jasper & Lou
Embryos available x Goldwyn
Dams : EX-94 2E, VG-86 9*, VG-86

Extondale Aspen Carrie EX-92  Holstein Canada
*1 Superior Lactation
2nd 5 Yr-Old Atlantic Summer Classic 2009
Nom. Tout-Quebec Jr 3 Yr-Old 2007
Nom. All-Canadian Jr 2 Yr-Old 2006
Embryos Available By Goldwyn
Owned with : Weeks Holsteins

Eastside Enya R EX-93-3E  Holstein Canada
3-09 12 099 kg 4.0% 2.9% (252-267-224)
VG-86 daughter x Goldwyn
Embryos available x Jasper
All-Atlantic Mature Cow 2007

Mactalla Marker Molly EX-95 USA 2E  Holstein Canada
Res. Gr. Champio Junior Show Madison 2008
Gr. Champion Tennesse Holstein Show 2008
5th Mature Cow Madison 2008
Owned by Matthew Mitchell, TN

Eastside Gibson Hope EX-93 4E 1*  Holstein Canada
3-08 10 243 kg 4,3% 3,3% (206-243-213)
2nd Aged Cow Atlantic Summer Show 2010 and 2012
Dams : VG-88, VG-87, VG-87, EX, VG-87

Eastside Gibson Maggy EX  Holstein Canada
5-04 12 345 kg 4.1% 3.0% (247-274-235)
- Her daughter Eastside Pronto Melly :
1st Intermediate calf & H.M. Junior Champion
Atlantic Summer Show 2009
6th generation VG or EX with 2*
Eastside Holsteins
Bloyce, Terri, Taylor, Alyson & Jenell Thompson
Charlottetown, PEI, Canada
Tel.: 902-892-2621  •
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