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Missy Family

Lewisdale Eastside Atw Amaze  Holstein Canada
All Canadian Milking Yearling 2015
1st Milking Yearling RAWF 2015
Same family as Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX 95 2E 14*
Congrats to her owners: JM Valley & Diamond Hill
The only Red member in the Missy's family

Roycham Ric Red Florence  Holstein Canada
Born on december 22nd
2nd dam: Lewisdale Eastside Gold Amaze VG-87 4* (Full sister to Missy)
4th intermediate calf Supreme 2014
7th intermediaire calf RAWF 2014
Owned with Bernadale Holsteins
Lewisdale Eastside GoldCp Silk

Lewisdale Eastside GoldCp Silk   Holstein Canada
Sold in the Gen-I-Beq V Sale on October 24th 2013
Missy RC

Morsan Colt Missyni RC  Holstein Canada
Recently purchased at the Swiss European Sale 2013
Born June 2012.
Sandy-Valley Colt Red Carrier from Missy's Dolman (VG 89) daughter.
She is owned with Scolten Dairies and housed in the Netherlands.

Lewisdale Shottle Amaze VG 87 2YR  Holstein Canada
2nd ADCS 2011
She topped the Opportunity East-Valleyville Edition Sale at $18,000
Embryos X Willpower & Liquid Gold
Selling in the Celebration 2014 LOT 22
Sired X Missy's Full Brother

Eastside Mil Remix VG-89 3 yr  Holstein Canada
2nd 5 yr old & HM Champ. Atlantic Spring Show 2016
1st Atlantic Fall Championship Show
1st Atlantic Summer Classic
1st PEI Premier Heifer Show
Sired X Missy's Full Brother
4 Gens VG or EX
Dam: Brookvilla Royal Goldwyn VG 88
Owned with T & L Cattle
Senior Calf 2012

Cobequid Sid Affection VG-87  Holstein Canada
2nd Atlantic Summer Classic 2012
Reserve Junior Champion ADCS 2012
Owned with Cobequid & RM
Abel's Sanchez Granddaughter!!!

Valleyville Rae Lynn VG 89 2YR  Holstein Canada
2nd Senior 2 Year Old Royal Winter Fair 2012
1st Senior 2 & Reserve Intermediate Champion Ontario Spring Show 2012
#1 Cow in Canada for Type at +18
1st Milking Yearling Autumn Opportunity 2011
She is owned by Quality Holsteins, ON & Ponderosa
She was purchased at Island Heat Wave Sale 2010
Congrats to her owners.
Sanchez Embryos from the same bloodline!

Morsan Miss Snow Angel VG-86 2YR old  Holstein Canada
Snowman X Missy EX 95 Supreme Champion RWF & WDE 2011
Owned with Lewisdale & Valleyville Holsteins
Selling in the Celebration 2014 LOT 11
Ready to flush
Missy's Full Sister

Lewisdale Eastside Gold Amaze VG-87 2Y 4*  Holstein Canada
2-04 9478 kg 4.0% 3.2% (236-253-240)
3rd Senior 2 Yr-Old Atlantic Championship Show 2008
Owned with Lewisdale Holstein
Her Sanchez daughter Nom. All American 2010
From the Great Abel Family

Eastside Lewisdale Be Amazed VG 87   Holstein Canada
Selling in the Celebration 2014 LOT 26
Full Sister to MISSY

Eastside Lewisdale G Perfect VG 88 1*  Holstein Canada
Perfect is a full sister to GOLD MISSY
fresh at just 2 years old and scored VG 87
Embryos X Stanley Cup
Sold for 16 500$ in the Celebration Sale
Another Goldwyn from ABEL!

Eastside Lewisdale Miracle VG-87 3Y  Holstein Canada
Born Dec 1/ 2009.
Embryos X Sid Available!!
Missy's Only Sanchez

Morsan Miss Saigon VG-86 2 YR  Holstein Canada
Born March 1 2011
Missy's only Sanchez Daughter and she looks amazing
Owned with Lewisdale
Gold Chip Embryos available
Missy's Damion Daughter

Morsan Miss Solitude  Holstein Canada
Sired by Damion
Born March 28 2011
Owned with Lewisdale
Intermediate Spring Champion 2012

Lewisdale Eastside Gold Acura VG 86 2YR  Holstein Canada
Embryos available X Braxton
Owned by Bernardale, Birkentree, Nordale

Lewisdale Eastside Gold Apple  Holstein Canada
Born Oct 2010
Embryos X Numero Uno
Sanchez X Gold Amaze X Abel VG 88 27*

Lewisdale Eastside Amazement VG 86  Holstein Canada
2nd fall heifer at World Dairy Expo 2010
Reserve Junior Champion PEI premier Heifer Show 2010
She was nominated All American Senior calf in 2010 ans All-Canadian senior yearling in 2011.
Now owned by Ferme Karona
Goldwyn from Champion Sister to Missy~!

Lewisdale Eastside Gold Arin  Holstein Canada
Born Oct 2010
Embryos X Numero Uno
Goldwyn X Champion X Abel

Lewisdale Eastside Gold Ariel  Holstein Canada
Oct 2010 Goldwyn from Missy's Champion Sister Ariel
2nd Dam: Stadacona Outside Abel VG 88 26 *
The Masterpiece Abel

Stadacona Outside Abel VG-88 29*  Holstein Canada
3-03 14 753 kg 4.7% 2.9% (317-407-292)
1 Superior Lactation - 2 EX dtr & 26 VG dtr
H.M. All-Atlantic Intermediate Yearling 2001
Owned with Lewisdale Holstein
Finalist Cow of the Year 2011
The Amazing Missy!

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX 95 2E 14*  Holstein Canada
Cow of the year Holstein Canada 2012
Grand and Supreme Champion World Dairy Expo 2011 & Royal Agriculture Fair
1st Junior 3 Yr-Old & Res. Intermediate Champion World Dairy Expo 2009
1st Junior 2 Yr-Old World Dairy Expo 2008
Her only Sanchez Dtr @ Eastside and a Damion (both March 2010)
1st Junior 2 Yr-Old Royal 2008
Owned by Gert Andreasen of Denmark, Mark Butz and Morsan
Dundee from Abel

Eastside Lewisdale Advantage VG 87-3Y  Holstein Canada
6th Four Year Old Atlantic Summer Classic 2011
Owned with Lewisdale
Embryos X Lauthority & Sexed Crackholm Fever

Eastside Lewisdale Dundee Abel VG88-3Yr  Holstein Canada
Owned by Lindenright

Willswikk Goldwyn Autumn  Holstein Canada
12/09 virgin heifer by Goldwyn
her dam: Lewisdale Eastside Autumn VG88-2Yr.
Damion sister to Gold Missy.
Owned with RM Farms
Missy's sister x Damion

Lewisdale Eastside Autumn VG-88 2Y  Holstein Canada
3rd Senior 2 Yr-Old Convention Nationale Show 2009
Owned by Lyba Farms & Brad Driessen
Her Goldwyn daughter is at Eastside
Damion sister to Missy

Eastside Lewisdale Aspire ET VG-88   Holstein Canada
Owned by Ferme Roggua
Missy's Champion Sister

Lewisdale Eastside Ariel EX  Holstein Canada
Embryos X Sanchez
Her Niece Valleyville Rae Lynn VG 89 2YR a Sanchez.
Reserve Inter. Champion Ontario Spring Show 2012
#1 Cow for Type in Canada at +18
Missy's mat. sister x Dundee

Eastside Lewisdale Angie VG-86 2Y  Holstein Canada
8th Jr 2 Yr-Old Madison 2009
All-Atlantic Junior calf 2007
1st Junior Yearling Atlantic Summer Show 2008
1st Junior calf Atlantic Championship Show 2007
Owned by Morsan Farms
Missy's Dundee Sister

Lewisdale Dundee Samantha VG87  Holstein Canada
1st Senior Calf 4H NB Provincial Show 2008
2nd Milking Yearling ADCS 2009
5th Milking Yearling EIHQ 2009
owned by Bricon & Cherry Crest
Missy's mat. sister x Astronomical

Eastside Lewisdale Arizona VG88-3Y  Holstein Canada
Sired by Astronomical
H.M. All-Atlantic 4-H Senior calf 2008
2nd Senior calf Atlantic Spring Show 2008
3rd Senior calf Atlantic Summer Show 2008
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