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Genomics/ Polled

Swissbec Octoberfest Think  Holstein Canada
Owned with Larch Grove
Daughter of Epic Jingle

21Genetics Missouri Joelle  Holstein Canada
TPI 2349 GPA LPI 3029
Daughter of Epic Jingle

21Genetics Missouri Julienne  Holstein Canada
TPI 2522 GPA LPI 3174

Eastside Lewisdale Jewel   Holstein Canada
POC and RDC Sympatico x Colt Caser

21Genetics Sympatico Callie   Holstein Canada
Born on September 10th 2013
Sired by Dymentholm S Sympatico
Dam: MS Chassity Colt Caser
In the Regancrest S Chassity EX-92 12* family
Same family as Supersire

Compass-TRT American Oslo   Holstein Canada
Born on January 4th 2014
GPA LPI + 3242 GPA DGV +3370
Sired by AltaOak
Dam: Seagull Bay Miss America VG-86
2nd Dam: Ammon-Peachey Shauna VG-87 2yr (Maternal sister to Supersire)
3rd Dam: Pine-Tree Martha Sheen VG-86 DOM 4*

Highest Index Heifer from Gillette Visions Sale

Gillette Epic Jingle VG 87  Holstein Canada
Born May 20 2012
GPA DVG +3130 GPA LPI +2992
Dam: Gillette Shottle Jewell VG 86
Jewell is a maternal sister to "Jordan".
Next Dam: Gillette Durham Jericho EX 15*.
5 Generation EX or VG
Honor List Leader with over 50,000 lbs of Milk and over 2,000 lbs of fat in 305 days at 4 Years. Has 1 Super and 3 Superior Lactations.
Owned with Lewisdale
Red and Polled in the Chassity

21Genetics Earnhardt Cassie   Holstein Canada
Born on August 29th 2013
Dam: MS Chassity Colt Caser (Full sister to Colt-45)
2e dam: Regancrest S Chassity EX-92 12*

MS Chassity Colt Caser VG-85 2 yr  Holstein Canada
+ 2077 GPA LPI
Full Sister to Colt45
Dam: Famous Chassity, one of the hottest cow in the breed.
Purchased for $25,000 Holstein Convention 2012
Owned by 21 Century Genetics
+2351 GTPI Man-O-Shan

Ransom-Rail Shan Tahnee  Holstein Canada
Dam: Ms Welcome Pal Tonya (Maternal sister to Tango)
Purchased at the New York Spring Sale 2014
Mogul + 2906

Crasdale Mogul Leah   Holstein Canada
Dam: Gloryland-I Goldwyn Locket VG-87 2Y EX-92 USA 4Y
Next Dams: VG-88 1*, EX-94 2E, EX, EX-96 3E 5*,EX-94, EX 30*, EX-97 6* (Glenridge Citation Roxy), EX 6*
Owned by Ian Richardson
Chipper P Full Sister

Sandy Valley Colt Coly P  Holstein Canada
Dam: Sandy Valley Pla Cricket VG 86 2YR
Owned with Brandon Delong
Goldwyn Ariel

MS Atlees Goldwyn Ariel EX 92 4YR  Holstein Canada
Her Man-O-Man Daughter at Eastside.
GLPI +2350 Due in April 2013
Reserve All American JR 2 YR 2009
Dam. MD Delight Durham Atlee EX 92 DOM GMD
All American SR 3 YR 2005
Oman Daughter X Atlees Goldwyn Ariel

MS Ariel Moman Arita EX 92  Holstein Canada
Due April 2013 X McCutchen
GLPI +2350 GTPI +2116
Dam: MS Atlees Goldwyn Ariel EX 92 4YR
Purchased at the Sale of Stars 2012 $11,000
Owned with Pure Holsteins & Larch Grove Farms
11 Daughters over +2900 GLPI

Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk VG 87 2YR  Holstein Canada
DVG +2820 GLPI +2780
Her Red Carrier Snowman Daughter at Eastside DVG +2959
DVG +2959

Dymentholm Sunview Santana VG-85  Holstein Canada
GLPI +2961 GTPI +2178 DVG +2959
September 2011 X Des Y Gen Planet Silk VG 87 X
Bolton Silence VG 85 X Secret VG 87 4*.
Owned with Phil Hempil, James MacPherson
Genomic Central-Flush Inquires Welcome DVG +2804

Seagull-Bay Wnbrk Sunday ET VG-86  Holstein Canada
GLPI +2800 GTPI +2014 DVG +2804
Her 3 Brothers are in the top 5 of the GLPI & GTPI Lists
Purchased for $33,000 Holstein Convention 2012
Owned with Lewisdale

Ammon-Peachey Shauna VG 87 2YR  Holstein Canada
Shauna's direct DVG +3459
2X 310 29946 4.1 1217 3.0
Her only Windbrook Daughter @ Eastside and has 3 Sons in the top 5 of the GLPI & GTPI lists.
Windbrook dtr has Let it Snow Embryons.

Regancrest S Chassity EX 92 2E DOM  Holstein Canada
4/10 CTPI +2109 PTA +1482M +63F +37P +3.57T +2.53UDC
2-01 2x 365 36,680 4.3 1567 3.3 1193
*sired by Shottle

2nd Dam: Regancrest Cinderella (EX-92 DOM)
2-05 2x 365 32,300 4.4 1437 3.2 1029
*sired by Champion

3rd Dam: Regancrest-PR Barbie (EX-92 94-MS! GMD DOM)
2-06 2x 365 31,690 3.9 1237 3.1 990
*sired by Durham
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