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Stella Family


Brackleyfarm Goldwyn Stella EX-91 3*  Holstein Canada
All-Atlantic Junior 2-Yr-Old 2008
1st Jr 2 Yr-Old & Intermediate Champ. Atlantic Spring Show 2008
2nd Jr 2 Yr-Old QC Spring Show 2008
1st Jr 2 Yr-Old & Res. Intermediate Champ. Atlantic Summer Show 2008
1st 4 year old World Dairy Expo 2010
1st 4 year old Harrisburg - All American Dairy Show 2010
Daughters x Shottle & Sanchez
Dams : EX-91, VG-88, GP, VG-88 2*, VG

Owned by: Gene Iager, Maryland

Eastside Shottle Sweety EX-90  Holstein Canada
Due in October 2011 to Windbrook
dam: Brackleyfarm Goldwyn Stella EX 91
- 1st 4 year old WDE 2010

Stella Artois

Eastside Stella Artois VG 86 2YR  Holstein Canada
2nd Junior 2 at Three- Rivers
Nominated All Canadian 4-H Junior Yearling 2011
3rd Junior Yearling @ Canadian Holstein Convention 2011
3rd ADCS 2011
Full Sister at Farm, Due Fall 2012. Embryos X Sid
Owned by Jacobs Ferme
She's Fresh!

Eastside Sanchez Stella  Holstein Canada
June 18, 2010- Summer Yearling
Sired by Sanchez
Embryos X Sid
Owned by Eastside & RM Farms
Eastside Holsteins
Bloyce, Terri, Taylor, Alyson & Jenell Thompson
Charlottetown, PEI, Canada
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