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Other Families

A promising VG 2 year old!

Gillette Gold Jilliane VG-87 2 YR old   Holstein Canada
Sire: Braedale Goldwyn
Dam: Gillette Morty Jeriane EX-95 4E
Other generations: NC, EX 16*, EX 6*, EX,VG-88 4*, EX-91 1*
Sold for 24 000$ in the Celebration Sale
Sid x MS Lotto ALex Lacey

Eastside Sid Liza  Holstein Canada
Dam: MS Lotto Alex Lacey VG-86 2Y
Gdam: Winterbay Goldwyn Lotto EX-95 USA
Owned with Brad Murphy and Winterbay

Cowtown Sasha Fierce EX-90   Holstein Canada

Rainyridge Dusk Blossom VG-87  Holstein Canada
Purchased at the Rainyridge Dispersal 2013

Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95 2* RDC  Holstein Canada
Unanimous All-American and All-Canadian 5 yr old 2010
1st 5 yr old at WDE and RAWF 2010

Eastside Triumphant Taffy EX 91-2E  Holstein Canada
5 Generations of EX Dams!

Farnear TBR Gold Beauti VG 89  Holstein Canada
Dam: Regancrest Mac Britelite EX
Grand Dam: BARBIE EX 92 DOM GMD 3*
Sold for 13 000$ in the celebration Sale to Sunspark Farms
VG 87 2YR Duplex! MS 88

Goldstreak Duplex Luxury VG 88  Holstein Canada
7 Gens EX or VG
Dam: Cobequid Zerox Lana VG 87 3YR
Next Dams: EX 94 3E, VG 86 2*, VG 88, EX 5*, VG 86, VG 86.
3rd 4 year old ADCS 2014
1st 4 year old Atlantic Summer Classic 2014
3rd Summer Yearling Convention Show 2011
Owned with Blair Weeks.

Quality Atwood Folfoe VG 87 2YR  Holstein Canada
dam: Quality Gibson Ficoe VG88-3Yr
grand dam: QUALITY BC FRANTISCO EX96-3E-15*
- Grand Champion RAWF 2004 & 2005
- All Canadian Aged Cow, 5 yr, 4 yr
Owned with MC Genetica, Brazil
Same Family as Eastside S Twain EX 96 Ireland UK

Eastside Atwood Trump VG-89 3 YR  Holstein Canada
Dam: Eastside Truimphant Taffy EX 91 2E
Same Family as Eastside S Twain EX 96 Ireland UK
Watch for her at the Royal 2012!

Branderlea Gold Kola EX-92  Holstein Canada
4th Five Year Old Atlantic Summer Classic 2011
5th Five Year OLD Holstein Convention 2011
dams: EX 4E, TB 4*, EX 2E 2*, TB 2*

Regancrest PR Barbie  Holstein Canada
Barbie completes 5 generations of EX with 6th & 7th dams VG.
Former #1 Type Cow of the Breed!
her 2nd Generation Goldwyn is at Eastside.
Farnear TBR Goldwyn Beauti VG 86 2YR
Strong Cow Family

Eastside Duplex Holly EX-93 2E  Holstein Canada
2nd 4 year old Attantic Summer Show 2013
2nd Senior 3 ADCS 2012
3rd Intermediate Calf Atlantic Summer Show 2009
4th Intermediate Calf Atlantic Dairy Championship Show 2009

Eastriver Gold Deb 851 VG 87 2YR  Holstein Canada
FUll SISTER WAS All Canadian Reserve Milking Yearling 2011
Dam: Homestead Astronomical Deb EX 95 2E.
Next Dams: VG 85, VG 87 2*
Embryos X Alexander Heath & Bradnick & Stanley Cup

Eastside Gold Excel VG 87  Holstein Canada
Dam: Comco Gibson Edith VG 87
Highest Scored Braxton VG 87 2YR

Eastside Braxton Graylaine VG 87 2yr  Holstein Canada
Dam: Eastside Gibson Geraldine EX 2E, 2nd Dam Eastside Lindy Geraldine VG 86.
Awesome Damion

Eastside Damion Lade EX 92 2E  Holstein Canada
2nd 5 Yr Old Atlantic Summer Show 2013
1st Jr 3 Atlantic Fall Show 2011
2nd Jr 3 Atlantic Summer Show 2011
Eileen's Daughter

Budjon-JK Goldwyn Enika VG 87 2YR  Holstein Canada
1st Intermediate Yearling National Holstein Convention, Halifax 2011
5 Generations of Excellent
Her grand-dam is the famous Krull Broker Elegance

Quality Carlton Pam EX97-6E-3*  Holstein Canada
her Dundee daughter is at Eastside, embryos available

Quality Dundee Pin EX  Holstein Canada
her dam: Quality Carlton Pam EX97 6E 3*
Goldwyn & Lauthority Embryos priced to sell.
Reserve All Canadian Junior 2 2011

Eastside Talent Cam VG 87 2YR  Holstein Canada
2nd Royal 2011

Gillette Miss PEI  Holstein Canada
Sire: Sanchez
dam: Gillette Goldwyn Miss Universe VG86-2YR
dams maternal sister Gillette Miss Damion - All Canadian Sr yearling 2009
owned with Diamond Hills Farms, Cobequid, T & L Cattle
Tri-Day Ashlyn Family

Kingsmill Ashlyns Amada  Holstein Canada
Budjon-JK Linjet Eileen EX 96

Budjon-JK Linjet Eileen EX96  Holstein Canada
We have her "Goldwyn" daughter at Eastside and was 1st Intermediate Yearling at the Canadian Holstein Convention 2011.

Eileen's Accomplishments:
5 Excellent & 4 Very Good Daughters
Reserve All-American Aged Cow 2005
Grand Champion Midwest Spring Show 2005
All-American 5-Year-Old 2004
Reserve Sr. Champion International Show 2004
HM All-Canadian Sr. 3-Year-Old 2002
Nominated All-American Sr. 2-Year-Old 2001
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