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Osmond Family

Eastside Sanchez Ocean EX 90  Holstein Canada

Eastside Atwood Osmond VG 87  Holstein Canada

Eastside S Offering VG 86  Holstein Canada
Shottle X Osmond

Eastside Shottle Omalley EX 91  Holstein Canada
Embryos available by Man-O-Man & Gillette Windbrook
Owned with Conant-Acres
Great Ones Generation after Generation!

Eastside Oakley VG 88  Holstein Canada
GLPI +2078
Sire: Long-Langs Oman Oman
Dam: Eastside Shottle Omalley EX 91
2nd Dam: Eastside Igniter Osmond EX 2E 8*
*Only Family to complete 12 generations of 60,000kgs of Milk!*
Sold for 7100$ in the Celebration Sale
Look at Osmond's Granddaughter!

Eastside Gold Offering EX-93   Holstein Canada
HM Intermediate Champion 2012 Autumn Opportunity 2012
HM All Canadian Junior 2
3rd Royal 2011
1st Junior 2 Yr Old Ontario Summer Show 2011
2nd 5 year old Ontario Summer Show 2014
Owned by Maple Keys Holsteins
Osmond's daughter

Eastside Gold Ocean EX 94 2E  Holstein Canada
2nd Four Year Old Altantic Summer Classic 2011
Famous Dam: Osmond has completed 12 generations who have all produced 60,000kgs of milk.
Masterpiece from the Osmond Family

Eastside Masterpiece One  Holstein Canada
Dam: Eastside Baroque Ophelia VG 85.
3rd Atlantic Summer Show
2nd Atlantic Spring Showcase
7 Gens EX or VG
*Only Family to Complete 12 Generations of 60,000kgs of Milk*
Mr Burns from Osmond

Eastside Mr Burns Odessa VG 88 2yr  Holstein Canada
Guaranteed & Proven Genetics

Eastside Fortune Oriole EX-93 2E   Holstein Canada
Hon. Mention Champion & 1st 5 YR at ASS 2012
Her Goldwyn dtr was HM All Canadian 2011 JR 2 2011
Dam: Famous Osmond EX 2E 7*

Eastside Gold Oasis EX  Holstein Canada
2nd Sr 3 year old Atlantic Spring & Summer Show 2010

owned by Lilac Lodge Holsteins, PEI
Osmond Family on Fire

Eastside Igniter Osmond EX 2E 8*  Holstein Canada
Osmond is the only Canadian cow to complete 11 generations who have each produced 60,000kgs Milk
6 Excellent daughters!!
Osmond's daughter

Eastside Dean Oryssia EX  Holstein Canada
Daughters x James & Bolton

Eastside Gold Ottilie VG-86 2Y  Holstein Canada
Daughter x Duplex at Eastside
Owned by Dany Germain & Dany-Pierre Rondeau, QC
Eastside Holsteins
Bloyce, Terri, Taylor, Alyson & Jenell Thompson
Charlottetown, PEI, Canada
Tel.: 902-892-2621  •
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